Our Mission

Connecting the not-for-profit with the for-profit world.

Who are we?

We are a group of individuals believing in the strengthening of deserving causes by developing, facilitating and nourishing encounters and collaborations between charities and engaged enterprises

Value proposition

We provide a platform for engaged enterprises, who are seeking to actively engage and support causes, and for Charities, who need assistance and resources in structuring and fueling their development. Through this platform like-minded parties achieve grander objectives by increasing overall positive ESG impact and contributing to selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Patrons Committee

The Patrons Committee supports the organization with ideas and suggestions and helps define the vision. It makes use of its network in and around Luxembourg to help the development of The Charity Incubator.The Comité de Patronage serves as a more advisory body.

Charity Events

Board of Directors

The Charity Incubator has a Board of Directors, composed of 3 members. The Board of Directors provides a strategy and direction for the organization in alignment with the vision. It oversees and challenges the management of The Charity Incubator.

Executive Committee

The executive committee’s role is to manage and implement the vision of the organization on a daily basis. This committee meets more regularly to discuss actions to be taken and reports back to the Board of Directors and the Comité de Patronage.

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Contact us : secretary@charity.lu



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